Company Profile


MakFix Solutions was started in the year 2010 as a Graphic Design, Printing and Branding company. It has since risen from its humble beginning to a position it can tackle a wide range of graphic design, print and branding jobs. It was incorporated in the year 2014. The steady rise can be attributed to our emphasis on integrity, quality,timely delivery of services and impecabble customer service.
  We have invested in the latest technology i.e. Large format digital printers,Offset printer,Digital Printers, Plotters, Screen Printing wheels, Sublimation Printers, Plastic ID Printers. They are all high speed, high resolution printers. We are therefore not exposed to the vagaries of hire and/or rental equipment.In addition to that we have a backup power generator in place.This guarantees that disruptions caused by power failure are avoided and that deadlines are always met. We’re proud of our record and invite you to learn more about our customer focus, history, client partnerships and what makes us different.

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