Graphic design

Graphic Design is a collaborative process between a client, a designer, and producers of form to convey a specific message to a targeted audience.
We have a highly skilled and experienced creative team working in house with the latest software running on powerful hardware to create design solutions across a host of media.
We believe in listening to our clients and explaining the process of creative design based on the vast experience in graphic design and commercial print to get you solutions that exceed your expectations.
Our flexibility has always been our strength and has proven valuable when it comes to even the most unusual jobs!

Step 1: Design & Typesetting

  Our Graphic designers understand that creating riveting designs is the key to capturing attention and delivering your message effectively.

Step 2: Proofing and Pre-press

This entails the series of steps taken to prepare your project for printing. The printer takes the files that were created along with the fonts and images that were linked and translates them into a form their computer hardware and software understands. It may involve the following basic steps; - Proofing - Colour Separations - CTP (computer to plate) - Plate Making

Step 3: Press

After your work has been approved, and a job card the project is ready to be produced on a printing press. This is the stage that follows the Pre-press stage,it may involve; - 1 to 8 Colours - Digital Print

Step 4: Finishing (Post-press)

this is the final stage in the printing process. It involves all the added cosmetic or functional changes that you would like to have on your final print, for example Die Cutting, Embossing, Blind & Heat, Foiling, Aroma Inks and Lamination.